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Who We Are

What We Do

photo of our guy looking inOur company have a very high success rate locating judgment debtors, uncovering their assets, and satisfying the judgment! is operated by JAR ENTERPRISES' (JARE) "JUDGMENT ACQUISITION & RECOVERY ENETRPRISES' " USA based company dedicated exclusively to the enforcement of unsatisfied judicial judgments. 

We work in the private sector, having the ability, the expertise, and the determination to enforce payment of judgment, plus any interests being due.

JARE is not a government agency, attorneys or a collection agency, but a judgment enforcement company. This enables us to a wider and more creative range and options toward the recovery of a judgment debt! 

JARE is reinvesting continuously in resources unavailable to the public.

JARE strives to play an important safety roll to the general public nationwide, to earn the respect of others as a valuable partner. Our objective is to become an extension of corporate staff, adopting the expertise to deliver instant and optimum results! We aspire to be responsive stewards of the public trust, setting the standard for courteous prompt and professional customer service, operational efficiency and to deliver  fiscal results. 

large w letter e offer a broad spectrum of Judgments recovery services and we also work both side of the Judgment.

Locating and seizing hidden assets is our specialty! 

We have the ability, the skills, and determination to enforce a legal payment of judgment, plus any interests due. After performing a detailed and tenacious investigation. We have our ways to find the details of hidden assets, and to act upon without being noticed. 

Upon meting our qualification criteria, JARE  vindicates the steps allowed by your local and state Laws. 

Have you ever asked yourself: What are the chances of ever seeing any money (results) if a lag of time or even years may have passed since... (last payment or Judgment granted)?

What if the debtor will do everything possible to avoid payment? If you deal with any of these situations. Then you're in the right place as discovery's our expertise! The greater the challenge the better we thrive!

Our goal is to become the prime Resource center, to change statistics one person at the time to the majority of unpaid personal judgments that ended up to be nothing more than an IOU's.

NOTE: We thrive towards online system development where everybody can benefit (to earn money) even if you don't have a judgment.                       
 (Create a FREE account and click affiliate tab for details!)

In accomplishing our mission, we embrace the following values:
  • Public Service: We're committed to provide the highest quality service to benefit all persons involved nationwide
  • Respect: We will reflect genuine honor and respect for one another and those that we serve.
  • Integrity: We will demonstrate the facts of our honesty.
  • Courtesy: We will exhibit well-mannered behavior and politeness in everything that we do.
  • Fairness: Our overriding culture is to always do the right thing!


The court's or law may have decided that a person must repay a debt, that doesn't mean that he/she is obliged to do so. 

Have you seen the Money?

What ever the case 

Having a  Judgment Against!


Visitor (No Judgment)'re Judgment's

Nothing more than an IOU?

Our Recommendations

  1. Ck. Today's Judgment Value! 

    Post-Judgment interest calculator Evaluate  it!  Use the FREE  Post-Judgment Value Calculator 

  2. Review our Judgment Limitations.
  3. To initiate any process (account must be created!) 
  4. Written approval with rights must be given to initiate any searching process. 

  1. All above criteria's met!
  2. Must possess and be the legal  owner of judgment!
  3. The judgment must be FREE & Clear not  under assignment.
  4. Submit copy of Judgment for evaluation

Knowing or having the whereabouts of the judgment debtor always helps on any recovery process.

You'll never be contacted because of a refferal's being made to us!

You need to take the first step to initiate the process!

Got more questions? Please see our FAQ page prior submitting a Help - Desk ticket.

JARE is in search for several qualified trade professionals to join our active roster in municipal, county, state wide and national regions on 1099 basis.
Official Notarial Acts (notary public, mobile notary, traveling notary, signing agent,). Qualified applicants are to send email to: np1 (at)obtainjudgment(dot)com for our HR. Packet, then have it returned once completed.

  Personal Judgment Advantage

Along with web presence our proprietary Claims Management System Software is uniquely designed and set in place to aid with your personal judgment recovery process.  We're giving the initiator (meaning you) complete control!  Every account is secured by your password upon it's creation.  This process wi'll simplify all aspects of work flow, not only you'll be notified directly, but you can log in to your account anytime to view the status inside of your personal account. Where you'll have immediate access, to update, complete or change your personal information.  We're stiving toward development of work flow documents, more features and software undergo of developments and will be available upon their release in members area for imediate use upon release. For overview of future plan listings click here.  Once a Judgment submitted for our review, only after this step completion will be establish contact with you, where will go over details and discuss further options.  Your understanding is very much appreciated as we can be on the phone all day long.  We are committed to achieving results and looking forward to working with like-minded people.  Every personal judgment account creation must be verifiyed and confirmed. So make sure you enter a valid email.  All information is kept within our work flow under high confidentiality and never shared outside of our network.  

We thank you in advance for your business. Looking forward to seeing you on the inside.

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